Following the thought of how working out makes my days better, I realize that a significant reason I remain consistent is that it is the time when I can let my mind wander. Sifting through various parts of each day, I find myself grateful for those around me—both at home and at my workplace. As personal and professional spaces blend into one, I am amazed by the energy of each person I interact with and the effect it has on my day. This got me thinking, how does gratitude make a leader stand out?

 The art of acknowledging and encouraging the extraordinary efforts of people that makes a significant difference is simply called gratitude. It is vital in leaders because it breeds a sense of acknowledgment among your team and encourages them to go above and beyond as they know that their efforts will be appreciated. Here’s how gratitude can make a difference in the life of a leader:

●    Builds team spirit: When a leader acknowledges how invaluable the team’s contribution is, it motivates them to work better. It knits peers together, making it near impossible for people to feel isolated.

●    Breeds positivity: Gratitude creates a cycle of positivity and happiness. Your team is more likely to remain motivated, knowing that their efforts will be encouraged.

●    Has long-lasting impact: Showing gratitude in the workplace leads to increased productivity from teams and makes them more appreciative of the tasks they perform.

●    Creates a culture of acknowledgment and mutual help: When a leader starts the cycle of gratitude, their team becomes more open to pitch in whenever necessary. They also become more open to ask for and receive help whenever needed.

●    Showcases vulnerability: Showing your gratefulness brings out the vulnerable side of leaders. Keep aside the traditional idea of an invincible leader: when your team sees you being open and vulnerable, it makes them more comfortable lowering their guard. Knowing each other’s weak spots helps your team in having each other’s back more effectively.

●    Consistent personal satisfaction: As you and your team trust each other and consistently perform at your best, you become happier about the work you accomplish together.

The human mind finds solace in being acknowledged and praised. As individuals, family members, colleagues, and friends, we seek the recognition of our efforts. And as the world continues to battle the pandemic, we cannot forget that each person we work with is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. As leaders, it falls on us to acknowledge their efforts every day and appreciate the difference they are making. It is not about being kind; it is about recognizing their consistent efforts. Gratitude shows that you observe the small things and that you care. It helps build a team that genuinely enjoys their work and the team spirit and considers you more approachable.