We have always looked to leaders as a source of motivation. And even as we closely observe and appreciate our leaders, how often do we really notice how they have evolved? Our leaders constantly stay on top of their game despite changing technology and lifestyles. While the pandemic brought in significant changes, leaders stepped up to the occasion to create an oasis of calm and stability in the workplace. Across the globe, institutions saw the fastest shift in styles. So, what is it that makes a leader worth relying on and following in today’s world?

Leaders have been known as influential team players, optimizing the offerings that each member brought to the table while simultaneously being invested in their holistic growth. But today, the world demands leaders who are empathetic and contribute to smoothen the struggle for collective survival. As the need to focus on physical, mental, and emotional health increases, we see the rise of leaders who sensitively balance caring for employees and those around them while staying abreast of deadlines. Communication remains critical, and with innovative thinking, our leaders have identified and utilized new ways of keeping teams knit together despite working from different places.

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The constant through the changing times is how leaders embrace and adapt to change. Every leader understands the need for a constant in an ever-evolving world. More often than not, their routines become the stabilizing factor. Leaders seek solace in uniformity, but they constantly break the monotone to keep themselves on their toes. However, there is comfort in familiarity, and the journey to self-discovery and finding what helps them forge on varies.

Since we started working from home, I began working out more religiously every morning. I spend the first 45 minutes of my day running. While I did struggle to get the routine in place (and did consider skipping it a bunch of times in the beginning), now it has become my me-time. While running, I let my mind sift through the immediate past and future. I plan my day and often let my mind wander and introspect. Most importantly, at the end of my workout, my body and mind are both active and ready to take on the new day. I believe that a good leader possesses the ability to introspect even while performing routine tasks and is able to draw life lessons from them. My biggest takeaway from my workout is that the mind and body need to be constantly activated and engaged in reaching our fullest potential.

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While each leader is unique from being crafted at the altar of their own trials and tribulations, what ties them together is the fact that they are constantly trying to better themselves. You will also find several similar habits in leaders. I believe that reading is one of those habits in leaders. By spending time learning something new every day, we can keep our minds open to accept new working styles and are more prepared to experiment. Further, regular conversations with your team are a must. By listening to others and taking feedback, we can optimize and eventually maximize our team’s output.

No one habit makes you a successful leader over time. Leaders are not born; they grow into their roles and change as is required of them by constantly being aware of their surroundings. So, if you’re trying to grow into a leader, start by listening to yourself. Experiment freely. Find what makes you tick. And as long as you are trying to be better than you were the day before, you’re doing it right!

I have been thinking deeply about my journey so far and some of the habits that I believe made me a better person, a better leader. Let’s explore it together and see how we can build each other up. In my next article, I have pondered about working out and how it helps in setting the pace for the day. In the meanwhile, what habits do you think are essential in a leader’s journey to becoming better? Do share your thoughts in the comments!